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11th June 2018

To work properly, a product must contain biologically active substances that actually stimulate the collagen growth in our skin. It must make the skin work better, behave younger and replenish body collagen, not just moisturise the surface (which is more elastic and supple, but has nothing to do with real wrinkle reduction).


skinPenetrating the epidermis – the top layer of the skin – is a significant challenge for a natural cream. Collagen by Colway works by breaking into small parts on the skin – amino acids and free peptides – which enters the deeper skin layers to stimulate fibroblasts (the productive skin cells). This means it can boost the re-growth of collagen in the skin, making it stronger, better hydrated and visibly tighter. It’s important to be clear that wrinkles will not disappear totally (there are no miracles!), but they will become shallower and the skin will generally look much better.


The longer you use Collagen by Colway, the better the results. The skin will not age as quickly as it would without it. This is achieved without putting anything into the skin it would not recognise as natural and familiar. Bear in mind that the natural process of skin shedding and rebuilding takes about three months – so beware any manufacturer’s claims that say otherwise. The skin cannot rebuild its tissues overnight, or even within a fortnight!


Collagen Platinum (and the Silver, and Graphite versions) is a unique product. You could search in vain for another that has the same five natural components: collagen, water, protein, lactic acid and caprylyl glycol – and no chemical additives at all.


Collagen Colway is essentially a protein preparation with a natural gel consistency. Because of its fragile triple helix structure, its efficacy can only be sustained up to a maximum of 26ºC. And, in contrast to all other cosmetics, it is a biologically active preparation that influences the causes, rather than the effects, of skin ageing. Regular and systematic application can slow the process of degradation for years, through the refinement of collagen by fibroblasts.


Pure collagen is paraben-free and biologically active:

  • pure hydrated fish skin collagen
  • no preservatives, colourings, fragrances
  • goes into deep layers of skin and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen


It is available at three different levels of pigmentation: Platinum for face, Silver for body and Graphite for hair and nails.

3-28-15 thermometer

Natural Collagen should be kept in its original container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high humidity, at a temperature between 5º-25°C.

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