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11th June 2018

What are the best skin damage/ageing prevention methods and when to start?

A very common reaction is “I am only 40, I don’t have to…” Truly, you shouldn’t wait for the wrinkles to appear, start early.

William McElligottWhat is the main culprit? The sun – exposure damages skin’s elastic fibres.

Now you’re asking “OK, so what do I do?” Well…

Use sunscreen – not only when you are on holidays, but every time you go out in the sun, like driving, walking etc. This is a MUST. Feed your skin – chose products that contain nutrients – to name a few that are becoming trendy now:

  •  Peptides that repair the skin and stimulate collagen production. Not ALL collagen works in creams – be careful with collagen. Some creams contain a synthetic tripeptide Matryxil which has proven to be very effective, too.
  • nano-gold, nano-silver – not only anti-septic, but a strong anti-ageing ingredient (nano means very small)
  • hyaluronic acid – helps to create a moisture barrier, with amazing benefits for de-hydrated skin

The next few years will bring a selection of NATURAL skin care ingredients that you haven’t even heard about before.

Currently we can observe a slight shift from botanicals towards substances that naturally manage repairing and protective processes in our body. One of the ingredients you will soon hear a lot about is SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD). This enzyme helps to protect the cells by breaking down harmful oxygen molecules. Vitamin C – inside and outside. Use only natural – either with food, or as a supplement. Make sure it does not contain ascorbic acid, which is the cheapest possible preservative added to lots of foods as E-300, and also sold in capsules and tablets as a supplement. Avoid it by all means! Choose only natural extracts.

Professional treatments – you ARE NOT able to provide yourself all your skin needs without the occasional professional help. Professional Massage – helps skincare penetrate the skin, boost circulation, relaxes the muscles, lifts the jawline.

A few more words about peptides. They are naturally occurring biological molecules, the building blocks of our tissues and body organs

Since ancient times, collagen peptides have been known to benefit human health. Nearly ten centuries ago, abbess and erudite Saint Hildegarde von Bingen, investigated animal tissue extracts and identified them to be beneficial in case of joint pain. The traditional Asian culture also recognizes Collagen as a cosmetic product, helping skin to remain firm and youthful, while ensuring a global anti-aging activity.

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