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11th June 2018

Cleansing – the most important, the most basic skin care procedure! And probably the most neglected one…

Did you know that only 50% of women cleanse their face regularly…

And even those that do, do not clean it properly.

Then, as many as 80% of women don’t wash their face correctly. Isn’t it shocking?

Why is it important to cleanse? The skin secrets sebum and sweat which attracts and binds the dirt Most of us use foundation during the day to cover blemishes and to protect the skin from the environment. Now, these products are so good that they stay on your face, not on clothes for a long, long time. But, on the other hand, they need a good cleansing agent to be dissolved and removed. It has to be regular and thoroughly removed as it may clog the pores and slow down the natural cycles in the skin.

MANY skin problems, including wrinkles, are rooted in improper skin cleansing.

There is no point in using even the most expensive moisturisers or anti-ageing products if your skin is not properly prepared.


What to Avoid?

face wipes-noWipes – a big NO NO!

They don’t cleanse, they smudge the dirt while literally stripping the skin of its protective barrier. They usually contain alcohol and parabens.

Products with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) – look at the label. Don’t buy products that contain that – it is a foaming and oil dissolving agent, but extremely harsh, madly dries out the skin. A good cleansing or a washing product does not foam, maybe only slightly!!


What to Look For?

With a good cleanser you can use a delicate cotton cloth, which is easy to wash, or a delicate natural sponge to help to remove the dirt. Apply a cleanser and massage for about 30 sec. (“Happy Birthday” twice!) Give it time to dissolve dirt and remove it.

Rinse thoroughly! Make sure you haven’t left any cleansing product residue. Splash your face with water generously several times.

Wash your face in the morning AS WELL, to refresh and remove sebum build up, prepare it for a moisturiser application.



Use Collagen Colway face wash – no parabens, no alcohol, delicate though powerful everyday cleanser. 2 in 1 – effective make up remover and cleanser.

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