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Good Skin Starts with Cleansing

11th June 2018

Cleansing – the most important, the most basic skin care procedure! And probably the most neglected one…

Did you know that only 50% of women cleanse their face regularly…

And even those that do, do not clean it properly.

Then, as many as 80% of women don’t wash their face correctly. Isn’t it

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11th June 2018

What are the best skin damage/ageing prevention methods and when to start?

A very common reaction is “I am only 40, I don’t have to…” Truly, you shouldn’t wait for the wrinkles to appear, start early.

William McElligottWhat is the main culprit? The sun

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So, How DOES Collagen Work?

11th June 2018

To work properly, a product must contain biologically active substances that actually stimulate the collagen growth in our skin. It must make the skin work better, behave younger and replenish body collagen, not just moisturise the surface (which is more elastic and supple, but has nothing to do with real

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