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Collagen Colway, founded in 2010 in London by Alina Kardasz and Maria Luba-Muczko, is a modern and fast developing company in the wellness market.
The company’s strongest pillar is the founders’ belief in the quality of the product they offer and the value it brings to its users.

Maria Muczko

Sales & Marketing

Maria’s life changing experience was finding out about the amazing results fish collagen delivered. She immediately spotted a great opportunity in making it available to people in the UK. From an English teacher and a translator she became a business person spreading the word about collagen and helping thousands of people in their fight with ageing.

“I was working as an English teacher and also running a translation agency at the time living in Bialystok, a medium-sized town in the East of Poland. I kept my eyes open for something that would complement my small business – perhaps an internet shop that I could look after while spending the time in my office? One day I bought Collagen Platinum from my friend with the idea at the back of my mind that it might be a suitable product to sell online. I started using it with fabulous results after just a week. My rosacea cheeks (a family problem!) went cool and pale and it was a really nice sensation! I began looking into the product more closely and came across the book which explained how fish triple helix collagen – a Polish great invention- worked, and explained all the science behind it. It convinced me that it is an extraordinary product and it would be such a waste not to share it with the whole world! And also, perhaps even more importantly, I felt I needed a big change in my life, so I did not think too long, before I decided to move to the UK permanently to set up a new collagen business.”

Alina Kardasz

Orders & Shippment

Collagen also helped Alina tackle her personal health issues with a significant improvement seen in joint mobility and and rosacea issues. This convinced her to partner with Maria to put all their effort into building an ethical and friendly company.

“I already had my own business – a food shop in Harrow, Middlesex. Having too much on my plate, I was not really looking for any other occupation, not to mention building up from scratch a distribution network of a new product. I simply started using fish collagen supplement to feel better. And how amazed I was when my creaking joints got better after a few months of regular use and the improvement kept building up. Then I thought – why not share it with my Customers? How many people have joint problems and Collagen can really bring them a relief. But after some time me and Maria, my sister and my business partner, decided to make the product available not only to a few local Customers, but to plenty of people around the UK”.

Collagen Colway is very different to many other skin care and supplement products on the market and needs a special attention paid to how it is stored and delivered to customers.This is one reason a direct sales/ multilevel marketing system was carefully chosen as the most suitable way to distribute the product. Another very important reason for choosing this route is that it gives the product more credibility. Personal experience and the positive results of thousands of collagen consumers (who have also shared their genuine experiences with family and friends) prove value of this approach.

Aware that some direct selling/multilevel marketing organisations have developed poor reputations and practices Maria and Alina were determined to build the company which is modern, ethical, people-orientated, and with a strong personal touch.

Maria and Alina believe that you can only build a business by developing trust and relationships first, then the business will grow (and in the right way). Reflecting this philosophy the company offers a generous and achievable Compensation Plan since Maria and Alina believe people should be rewarded for their efforts and never deprived of the results of their work they once achieved. This is why all earned positions in the company and discount levels are never taken away from our distributors.

The flexibility and generosity of the Collagen Colway scheme means that over time meaningful second incomes can be built.

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