A Universal Need And a Natural Solution

Why collagen supplementation?

Collagen is the foundation of connective tissue which supports and connects all body parts – holding and glueing them together. It is abundant throughout the whole body: hair, nails, skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, eyes, veins and blood.

Physical ageing reduces our levels of collagen. As we age, our bodies produce less of this valuable protein, resulting in weakened skin and bone structure, less flexible veins, poorer eyesight, and muscle and joint stiffness.

By the age of 50 we have lost about 30% of our primary collagen.  


Watch 70 years in 12 seconds – getting older.



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When it became clear that there was a link between collagen loss and ageing, the beauty and wellness industry began using collagen ingredients in cosmetics, skin care products, and dietary supplements.

There are now hundreds of different products available, and it’s important that consumers are aware of the considerable variations in quality, ingredients and effectiveness.

We recommend and use non-hydrolyzed, pure collagen that stimulates the cells to produce more body collagen. It slows down the skin’s wrinkling and keeps our body’s tissues abundant in collagen, and in a good condition regardless of age.

Collagen Colway brings new thinking to achieving a youthful look and a healthy body

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Although there are different theories about how we age and what the causes are, it has been proven that  nutrition,  lifestyle, and dietary supplementation  contribute significantly to how we look and feel over the years.

We live much longer than people a hundred years ago. At the beginning of 20th century average life expectancy in Europe was 50 years for men and only slightly more for women – 53 years. Now it is at least 30 years more.  As we live longer, we need to keep our bodies in a good condition to enjoy life more and live it to the full at every age.

This means looking for a proven long-term answer, rather than taking a magic pill, undergoing cosmetic surgery, injecting our faces with toxins, or any other quick fix solution.

Date of birth versus biological age   – what is the condition of the tissues in our body?

Too often we worry above our looks while neglecting our body.  Wrinkles and sagging skin are only the visible external signs of the degenerative processes that are affecting our internal organs, bones, brain and muscles.

In 80% of cases, ‘old age’ is not the cause of death – instead it is the so-called the diseases of civilisation, such as: coronary heart disease, obesity,  hypertension, type 2 diabetes,  epithelial cell cancers, autoimmune diseases and osteoporosis.

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Get the most from Collagen Colway, with our easy and effective collagen boosting  programmes



Colvita® – 2 capsules daily

Vitamin C-olway – 1 capsule daily

Collagen Platinum for Face – applied twice daily



Colvita® – 2 capsules daily

Vitamin C-olway – 1 capsule daily

Collagen Platinum for Face – applied twice daily

Collagen Silver for Body – applied twice daily

Collagen Graphite for Hair & Nails – applied twice daily



This programme provides ultimate results both in maintaining the overall wellbeing of the body and condition of the skin.

Colvita® – 2 capsules daily

Vitamin C-olway – 1 capsule daily

Collagen Platinum for Face – applied twice daily

Collagen Silver for Body – applied twice daily

Collagen Graphite for Hair & Nails – applied twice daily

Collagen Colway Skin Care Collection  – face wash gel, scrub, toner, moisturising night cream, regenerating night cream and under eye elixir, used daily as directed for each product

Each of the programmes can be supplemented by Pure Gold Masks with natural fish collagen – initially as a course of 6 treatments over two weeks, then one mask every week to 10 days.

The monthly price of each programme depends on the size of the packs you choose – please contact your Collagen Colway Consultant for details.

Why follow these programmes?

It is clear that ageing affects our entire body – wrinkles are just one of the visible signs. So, can putting on a cream, even if it’s extremely potent and miraculously smoothing be an effective way to fight it?

The answer is pretty obvious: we must look a little bit deeper, into our tissues, and make sure that we support our body through proper nutrition and supplementation to stimulate natural regenerating processes.  Our body is a complicated system of processes and it needs to be looked after holistically, not just superficially.

Yet our face, hands and hair are most exposed to sunlight, pollution and chemicals, and so need special care and protection as they tend to show the signs of ageing soonest.  Especially as our how our skin and hair look can affect our personal confidence.

Naturally smooth and radiant skin, and strong shiny hair are what keeps us looking youthful.

Why is vitamin C in the programmes?

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in our diet. It plays a key role in the formation of collagen – the protein of youth and the main component of  connective tissue. And without vitamin C, collagen cannot be replenished in our bodies.

Most supplements distributed as vitamin C contain a significant amount of its synthetic equivalent: ascorbic acid, synthesised from corn dextrose.  Such supplements should be avoided, as they can cause high acidity in the body. Synthetic vitamin C is poorly absorbed by the body and can accumulate in joints, causing adverse side effects.

The answer is to look at natural supplements, and Vitamin C-olway is a perfect example as it contains only natural plant ingredients, including bitter orange and germinating buckwheat extracts.